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Forever Fiore is a luxury floral company hoping to bring the beauty and innovation of the "hat" box floral arrangement to the USA. The owner of FF was inspired by European countries such as France and Italy to bring the trendy floral concept to the USA. Forever Fiore is now the first hat box floral arrangement boutique to launch in Fort Myers, FL. 

    Forever Fiore does not approach flowers as just flowers, but considers and allows feelings and intuition to play their share in order to create lush arrangements that will leave an everlasting impression for every loved one who receives a design piece. Each arrangement is designed using our signature boxes that are attentively hand-crafed in Europe. Forever Fiore offers a range of both fresh and preserved ecuadorian roses that are availaible in differen colors. 


The use of a hat box goes back to the early 19th century, when it first became fashionable with high society shoppers. Ladies would bring home matching hats for both day, and evening wear, in a stylish and elegant presentation box, hence its namesake the "Hat Box". However, you would never seek to hide your hat box from view as high end stores would always have their branding visible across them. This was an early example of high end clientele proud to show off their wares and, with their success, it was only a matter of time before more robust designs would take their place. The hat box became a symbol of luxury and elegance, a symbol which resonates with our company.